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Buglet in RFC3461 - DSN, section 4.2.

2004-08-10 10:53:40
(Will the appropriate people please make a note of this for whenever we
turn the crank on 3461 again?)

RFC3461, section 4.2 says:

   The "addr-type" portion MUST be an IANA-registered electronic mail
   address-type (as defined in [3]), while the "xtext" portion contains
   an encoded representation of the original recipient address using the
   rules in section 5 of this document.  The entire ORCPT parameter MAY
   be up to 500 characters in length.

In fact, the encoding rules are in section *4*.  Much hilarity ensued as an MUA
enhancement I was writing failed to escape a '+' because section 5 didn't say
anything about the plus or equals characters, while the section 4 that I didn't
read did say something about escaping them....

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