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Fw: [spf-discuss] New Sender-ID draft

2004-10-26 13:03:56

To all it may concern,

This coming month the FTC will be holding the "Email Authentication Submit."

The powers to be are intent on making a technology I don't believe is
technically sound the new standard.  Microsoft will make sure it happens.
The MARID rejected Sender-ID draft has been revised and resubmitted this
week.  I did not find a link to the draft at the IETF web site, but I found
one here:

There are many issues here that need reviewed by RFC 2822/2821 experts.  I
am posting this here because I have never seen the SPF or SENDER-ID
proposals discussed in IETF-SMTP or IETF-822 where there have great

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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