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RFC2821 and EHLO-specified extensions.

2004-11-17 15:40:40
Regarding a client's use of an extension not actually advertised in the EHLO -
I was under the impression that was a no-no, and I went to cite chapter and
verse to a user, and found in RCPT:

   If service extensions were negotiated, the RCPT command may also
   carry parameters associated with a particular service extension
   offered by the server.  The client MUST NOT transmit parameters other
   than those associated with a service extension offered by the server
   in its EHLO response.

There's similar prohibitions about 8BITMIME (in 2.1.3) and lines (in 2.3.7).

But nowhere did I find a general "Thou shalt not send anything outside the
spec unless negotiated via EHLO or similar"....  Am I blind, or does it not
have that anyplace?

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