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Re: comments on draft-crocker-email-arch-01

2005-01-09 12:50:10

On Thu January 6 2005 10:21, Tony Finch wrote:

As I've already explained in some detail, the term "SMTP evelope" is
defined by RFC 1123 (STD 3).

As Dave's draft doesn't use "SMTP envelope", what's the problem?

If you have a specific suggestion other than "envelope" for
describing those parts of a message which are not part
of the end-to-end communication, please let's discuss it.

"transport-related header fields" and "user-related header fields".

Some comments on your suggestions:
1. As you have yourself noted, several fields do not fall
   neatly into either transport-related or user-related
2. "transport-related header fields" is rather unwieldy -- try
   using that where Dave uses "envelope" in the draft -- I
   believe it's impractical
3. In several places where Dave uses "envelope", that term
   refers to a combination of extra-message information
   plus parts of the message header; "transport-related
   header fields" therefore isn't quite the same thing.