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Re: revised Email Architecture draft

2005-01-29 12:46:55

On Thu January 27 2005 13:45, Dave Crocker wrote:
As for RFC 3834, it's statement:

  The primary purpose of the MAIL FROM address is to serve as the
  destination for delivery status messages and other automatic

seems to me to be in 100% agreement with the language of the architecture 

It is, however, not quite correct.  At the time that 3834 was
written, there was a second type of "other automatic response"
similar to delivery status, viz. message disposition notifications
(RFCs 2298, 3798).  They, however, explicitly use a header
field, Disposition-Notification-To, to specify the destination
for the automatic response.  Since 3834, message tracking status
notifications have been added, using a separate protocol for
the tracking status notification.  I note that neither MDNs nor
MTSNs are addressed by the draft under discussion.