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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-malamud-keyword-discovery-00.txt (fwd)

2005-01-30 12:35:06

On Sat January 29 2005 10:52, Carl Malamud wrote:
Hi -

I'm bringing this draft to this list's attention since it is related to
the no-solicit smtp extension that was discussed here.  I'd welcome any

Well it does nothing for parsing of the "Solicitation" message
header field defined in your earlier document; DNS might well
be unavailable to a message parser (e.g. when offline).
Consequently, other than loose syntax checks, it's not practical
to do anything with that field, since no keywords are defined
and there is no registry of keywords.  Use of DNS for purposes
other than addressing in messages is generally a bad idea;
what happens if some company sends a message with some keyword
today, and I go back to read that message 5 years from now? --
the company and its domain name may have vanished without a
trace (or the domain name might be held by a very different
company).  Messages tend to stick around for a long time; DNS
entries are ephemeral -- the two don't mix well for non-transport

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