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Re: Pipelining vs. multiple failure codes

2005-02-02 12:39:48

Yeah, I never saw an version of Outlook version pipeline an SMTP session.

The only "batching" I am seeing is from bulk spammers which ignore the
PIPELINING extension regardless.  But most will just drop the connection if
a negative response is provided at HELO simply because they don't seem to
understand a multi-line 220 greeting at the connection.


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(Outlook gets this grievously wrong and will uselessly report to users
"Valid RCPT command must precede DATA". Not advertising PIPELINING
help because it pipelines anyway.)

Actually, Outlook *never* pipelines - if this happens, it's just a plain
bug.  What version of Outlook does this happen in?  I suspect you won't
find it happening in Outlook 2003.

-- jeff

Jeff Stephenson
Outlook Development

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