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Re: SPF I-D for review: draft-schlitt-spf-classic-01.txt DNS

2005-06-05 12:46:39

 willemien(_at_)amidatrust(_dot_)com writes:

OK I know its [RFC1464] old and experimental, but there is no other
RFC about it so why don't follow it?

RFC1464 describes a way that you *may* store arbitrary information in
TXT RRs, but there is no requirement that you *must* use it.

There are no necessary quotes within SPF records, it's
just a way to display strings.

That makes it even worse, is it only for display in this draft or are they 
for real?
This can have real concequences when you split the record up in
strings. (Does the second string starts after the 2nd or 3rd ")

The ABNF gives a strict definition of how the SPF records must be.
Most of the places that use quotes are showing records in standard
RFC1034 (bind) syntax form.

If you need more space (huge ISP with lots of CIDRs) you can
"chain" policies with redirect= (see above

Would it be not better to be able to chain them within one host?

You are limited to only one SPF record within a single domain name, so
you can't chain SPF records together within one host.


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