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PRA question (was: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification)

2005-06-30 23:02:42

Hector Santos wrote:

The PRA is:

In that order, but the PRA also has logic for the group
positions of the headers, including Return-Path.

I've never heard that they do anything with a Return-Path.

The "position" is just top down hoping to catch the most
recent Resent-block.  That stuff wasn't really discussed
with experts like Bruce, Keith, or Ned, and so re-ordered
header fields never really entered the picture.  <shrug />

Microsoft calls it a "Complex" PRA lookup logic, so
complex, its patented!

It's about as complex as read and understand chapter 3.6.6
in RFC 2822 goes.  April 2001, long before the patent claim.

So in short,  SenderID/PRA ignores the Mail From: when in
fact, a good bit of the time, over 80% based on my logs:

            2822.PRA  = 2821.MAIL FROM

Nice, under 20% of erroneous results by abusing v=spf1 for PRA
without explicit consent of the publisher.

The general IETF list discusses the meaning of the "S" in IESG,
so maybe the question what the "E" does NOT stand for is clear.

                      Bye, Frank

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