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Re: OPES and Email

2005-07-07 21:10:02

Tony Hansen wrote:

I hope this helps.

Somewhat, thanks also to Hector, in fact I must have missed it
when he talked about OPES somewhere before yesterday, or he
used a different term.

 From his post I got the vague idea that it's something between
SIQ and remote procedure calls, now after reading your article
I guess that it's not neessarily related to "remote".

It's like a plugin, only server instead of browser, isn't it ?
The 3238 abstract sounds like "junkbuster", what Hector said
combined with your info could be a "milter",

Okay, looking into it, Hector already said that the commands
in the 3.2.1 example need some angle brackets, and somewhere
in the intro you have "puggable".

I'm not immediately happy with "figure 2", what's that box
in the middle (mail gway) doing with my mail ?  What's wrong
with RCPT TO;<paul> and To: <sandra> ?  Maybe Paul was in a
Bcc:, that's nobody's business but his.

For the security considerations I miss "above all get some
legal advice".  Messing with in-transit mails goes straight
to the constitution in my country, and apparently harmless
ideas like RfC 2476bis 8.1 "MAY add Sender" are dangerous
without the explicit consent of the sender.  Bye, Frank

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