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Re: RFC 3207 (STARTTLS) question

2005-08-22 22:15:58

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

another place to put it would be as a parameter to the starttls command 
(tell me that you're authorized for server X) - I wonder why that wasn't 
considered earlier (or rejected)?

probably too late to do that change now....

You could add a new ESMTP command which is the equivalent to "Can
I speak to Y please?" when you call someone on the phone.  The "Hi,
my name is X" part of the introduction is available (EHLO/HELO),
but not the other part; the initial greeting of the server is just
"Hi, this is Z". Such a command might be restricted to TLS or
it might be useful for other functionality too.

However, in some cases you don't want to speak to a particular
"personality" (virtual host) of a server but to several of them
because you figured out that <A(_at_)Z> and <B(_at_)Y> are both served by
the same host. This is one of the problems when I looked into
session reuse (as well as sending multiple RCPTs in a single
transaction): under which circumstances is it ok to do that?

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