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Revised Spamops draft

2005-10-26 08:06:45


In response to the IETF Last Call feedback, we've produced a revised version of the proposed BCP draft, draft-hutzler-spamops.

A version has been submitted as an I-D, though I'm not sure whether it will get issued before Vancouver.

A copy is now available at:


Summary of changes from -04 to -05 version:

* Minor wordsmithing, throughout

* Paragraph added to Abstract:

   With the recent advent of email authentication technologies aimed
   at providing assurances and traceability between internetworked
   networks, the authors recognized that the initial submission of a
   message became the weakest link. Consequently, the document offers
   recommendations for constructive operational policies for the
   first step of email sending, the submission (or posting) of email
   into the transmission network. Relaying and delivery entail
   policies that occur subsequent to submission and are outside the
   scope of this document.

* Par modified heavily in Intro:

A wide variety of email authentication technologies has been
developed, and more are under development. They provide some
accountability and traceability between disparate networks. This
document aims to build on these technologies by exploring best
practices for authenticating and authorizing the first step of an
email’s delivery from MUA to MSA, otherwise known as submission.
Without strong practices on email submission, the authentication
technologies provide limited benefit. This document specifies
operational policies to be used for the first step of email sending,
the submission (or posting from an that independent operators of
email transmission services may adopt, to assist in providingMUA to
an MSA as defined below) of email into the transmission service.
These policies will permit ...

* Par added to Intro:

This document does not delve into other anti-spam operational issues
such as standards for rejection of email. The authors note that this
would be a very valuable effort to undertake and suggest that
additional work under another BCP document should be embarked upon.

* Best Practises bulleted listings re-organized

   (Same total content, but moved around with a bit of re-labeling, to
   be more coherent.)

* Figure 1 revised to show MTAs as Internet boundary points, rather than MSA and MDA.

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