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CRAM-MD5 Authentication -- leave the previous mail..

2005-12-01 05:30:03
Hi Friends..  (sorry for the spam)

Now i somehow managed to build my CRAM-MD5 algorithm..
but still am getting failure notice in authentication from the server

Please do spare some minutes for me and consider this sample case:

Username : vijayan(_at_)test123
Password : vijayan123

Server's Response for AUTH CRAM-MD5 : "PDEzMTcwMTY1MjguOTM2MzU4OEB0ZXN0MTIzPg=="
(greeting or secret)

then I made Base64 decode string (Challenge): 
<1317016528(_dot_)9363588(_at_)test123>  (last time i sent the wrong buffer)...

then the md5 algorithm formed the digest on this buffer which is
digest = "08efc84630335743ec35966c80b23c5a"

so the full base64 decoded string is : "vijayan(_at_)test123 

now i made the base64 encode on this string, which returns

this buffer i sent to server. But the server return "535 authentication failed 

pls check these sequences and letme know where the error occured..
is my algorithm is correct..??

if any error where it might be..?

pls help in this..

hope to get a reply from anyof u regarding this issue..

thanks in advance,

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