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Re: Announcement: Notifications List

2005-12-20 10:39:05
Burger, Eric wrote:
In Vancouver in the lemonade work group meeting a number of people
expressed interest in the creation of a list dedicated to the discussion
of user notification technology.

This list is for discussions relating to the requirements, definition,
and directions for message notifications.

While many requirements are driven by lemonade, there is a broader
community with interest and expertise that we hope will contribute to
the discussion here.

Please keep discussions that relate to lemonade, smtp, simple, etc. on
their respective lists.

Please do not impose this constraint. There is already far too much tendency for narrowly-focused groups to work in isolation and to ignore useful input from parties whose interests are peripheral to the group but affected by the group's output. This in turn causes groups to get strong pushback at Last Call which could have been avoided had the group not isolated itself.

Please keep cross-posting to a minimum.  Cross-posting to a number of
lists will put your message into the spam bucket and will delay or deny
your message being posted.

If the list manager is going to impose restrictions such as this, it would be better if such discussion happened elsewhere than on this list.


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