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Re: CRAM MD5 Algorithm for SMTP Authentication

2006-09-20 06:11:13
Hello Paul,
Thanks a alot for the immediate response.

I have implemented the logic for SMTP Authentication as per the RFC for 
CRAM-MD5 method of authentication.
And I also find that the output of my program matches the example mentioned in 

But when i try to authenticate with my local servers , it fails.

I will mention the inputs I gave for encoding and the output .. Pls do let me 
know if something is wrong.

Base 64 encoded challenge string : PDE3MDA1NzUwLjM0NkB0ZXN0c2VydmVyLmNvbT4=
Username : user1
Password : user1

CRAM-MD5 output string : dXNlcjEgNTMwYTdmNTJlNWU2MTE5NDRkNzliZjM5YjBmNmU0NDA=

But I get Authentication Failed for this input from the SMTP Server.

Pls help me.


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  At 11:45 15/09/2006, Soumya M wrote:

    Hello Everybody,
    Can Someody help me with CRAM MD5 method of authentication? Can somebody 
give me the algorithm for CRAM MD5? 
    I tried doing it here and am not able authenticate successfully. Pls help 
me.this is urgent.

  Read the RFCs!

  It's all there in RFC 2195. If it's urgent, I'd have thought you'd have 
looked there already.

  Also, there's a freeware CRAM MD5 checker program out there - Google for it, 
that'll probably help.

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