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Re: 2821bis: received: ... for clause

2007-06-13 20:57:38

At 18:38 +0200 on 06/12/2007, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote about 2821bis: received: ... for clause:


The 'for' production is incorrect as it stands. "Received: .... for tony(_at_)att(_dot_); ..." is legal according to 2821. Oops. There are 2-3 ways out of this:
 - constrain 'for' to one address
 - introduce a separator:
   - either FWS
   - or "," FWS.

My preference is to constrain it to one address. I cannot remember seeing production softwaret that inserts multiple addresses on purpose, so IMO this can be classified as an unused feature and dropped. (I checked 280k received fields just now and found none.)


The rules as implemented (so far as all mail that I've received that has a "for" clause) SEEMS to be that the "for address" is optional in the case where there is ONE RCPT-TO envelope command and suppressed when more than one RCPT-TO is supplied (which serves as a privacy protection in that Bcc and mailing-list echoed messages that are handed off to an SMTP Server with more than one addressee being handled by that server will not expose the other addressees in the Received headers of the POP/IMAP cloned copies). IOW: The a "for" clause with more than one address is not valid in implementations.

OTOH - I have no problem with an implementation that once it recognizes that it is supporting the ultimate destination domain, either clones a multi-RCPT-TO message and inserts the correct single-address "for" clause into each cloned copy OR does the insertion when it does final delivery into a POP/IMAP mailbox (assuming a Mail Box implementation where each mailbox is a private store and not one that is linked to a common store which has a common copy that gets deleted when the share count on the message goes to 0).