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Re: [ietf-dkim] 2821bis and AAAA (was: Thoughts on latest SSP draft)

2007-09-27 13:56:09

(someone will probably need to forward this to the DKIM list;
I'm not subscribed to it)

--On Thursday, 27 September, 2007 12:12 -0700 Douglas Otis
<dotis(_at_)mail-abuse(_dot_)org> wrote:

In addition to checking for a policy record of some sort, A,
AAAA, and MX records must also be queried.  Every message
referencing a randomly spoofed domain will thereby lead to a
series of expensive DNS transactions.  DNS overhead could be
reduced by 2/3 thirds at least by requiring an MX record for
acceptance.  This would preclude A or AAAA record for
acceptance.  The impact of this change should be limited to
message acceptance.

I think you have the cart and horse turned around backward.  If
(and I'm not going to express an opinion at this point), one
really needs MX records if DKIM (and its near and distant
header-signing relatives) are to be supported in a reasonable
and efficient way, then it would be perfectly sensible to impose
that requirement on DKIM users.  In other words, one makes
provision, in the DKIM specs, that, 

        (i) if one is going to insert DKIM header records, one
        MUST have MX records for the appropriate hosts.  
        (ii) if one encounters DKIM header records, does an MX
        lookup, and does not get one or more MX records back,
        then one SHOULD just give up and treat the DKIM records
        as trash (whatever that happens to imply).

This makes the "mandatory MX" issue a DKIM (and friends) issue,
not a requirement that zillions of hosts that do "MX, then
address" lookups consistent with 2821 (and 1123, and...) change
what they are doing because of some proposed words in 2821bis
that change a 20-odd-year-old spec.  Won't happen, whether
2821bis is changed or not.

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