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Re: Mailing lists as 2822-Sender

2007-12-01 14:33:29

John Levine wrote on the DKIM list:

Would the mailing list software replace the Sender: Scott header
field, or would it reject the submission ?
Replace it, since the list is the Sender: for the mail it sends.

Okay, let's say that's what "some" (= maybe almost all) lists do.

But it's not specified in RFC 1123 5.3.6(b), therefore also not in
RFC 2821 3.10, and most important not in I-D.klensin-2821bis 3.9:

| 3.9.  Mailing Lists and Aliases
| An SMTP-capable host SHOULD support both the alias and the list
| models of address expansion for multiple delivery.  When a message
| is delivered or forwarded to each address of an expanded list form,
| the return address in the envelope ("MAIL FROM:") MUST be changed
| to be the address of a person or other entity who administers the
| list.  However, in this case, the message header section (RFC2822
| [9]) MUST be left unchanged; in particular, the "From" field of
| the header section is unaffected.

Note "the message header section [...] MUST be left unchanged".  

We're in Last Call about this, this will be the "law", if you think
it is flawed please say so - but better not only on the DKIM list.

This has nothing to do with DKIM, Sender-ID, or anything other
than RFCs 2822 and 822.

Doug's SSP-TPA is related to DKIM and I think it mentions the PRA.
RFC 4406 requires to violate the quoted 2821(bis) MUSTard for its
puposes, it even got an IESG note about the fact.  And (2)822(upd)
doesn't mention mailing lists explicitly.  Now is a good time to
get this right, as my attempt to switch to the rfc822 list failed,
I now try the smtp list, it's a potential bug in 2821bis.


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