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Re: Parsing a header

2007-12-05 06:39:52

At 22:08 03/12/2007, Pete Resnick wrote:

[Not clear on why this is on ietf-smtp instead of ietf-822, but anyway...]

On 12/3/07 at 7:53 PM +0100, Frank Ellermann wrote:

Paul Smith wrote:
syntactically correct formations of the line could be:

From: "Joe (Joseph) Bloggs" <joe(_at_)joe(_dot_)com>
From: (Joe \(Joseph\) Bloggs) joe(_at_)joe(_dot_)com
or even
From: Joe (\(Joseph\)) Bloggs <joe(_at_)joe(_dot_)com>

Or From: "Joe \(Joseph\) Bloggs" <joe(_at_)example>
or From: Joe (Joseph) Bloggs <joe(_at_)example>

or From: Joe "\(Joseph\)" Bloggs <joe(_at_)example(_dot_)com>
or From: Joe "(Joseph)" Bloggs <joe(_at_)example(_dot_)com>

But Frank is exactly right: The original thing is not a legal phrase in any of these standards.

Thanks to everyone who replied to this. Sorry it was on the wrong list!

I'm happy now that it's been confirmed that it was a syntactically incorrect formation, so how it was interpreted is obviously implementation determined. (In our case, it was interpreted very badly - ie 'no displayname, no email address', so we've improved on that, but it was interesting to know how other people would handle it.)

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