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Re: Spaces in quoted-string

2008-01-26 05:14:11

Frank Ellermann wrote nonsense, see also

What Alexey found is an ordinary 2821 bug, no 2822 issue.

2822 + 2822upd have:

| quoted-string = [CFWS]
|                 DQUOTE *([FWS] qcontent) [FWS] DQUOTE
|                 [CFWS]

2821 + 2821bis have:

| Quoted-string = DQUOTE *qcontent DQUOTE

The "bare SP" case is AWOL, and 2821bis can simply add it:

  Quoted-string = DQUOTE *(SP / qcontent) DQUOTE

John's proposal <qcontentSMTP> does this, eliminating all
undesired 2822upd-obs cases (roughly 2822-obs + NO-WS-CTL)

@ Alexey, if you need the missing SP *now* (in RFC 2821)
  maybe submit it as 2821 erratum.  Or wait for 2821bis.

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