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Re: name and filename parameters

2008-06-21 07:26:55

as far as I know, the name parameter is only defined for the application/octet-stream content-type. content-disposition is the standard way to associate a filename with a MIME body part.

many user agents have supplied a name parameter with other content-types, but this is not standard and never has been. content-disposition was defined some time after the original MIME specifications that defined the name parameter for application/octet-stream, so many user agents borrowed the name parameter for use with other content-types.

RFC 3851 appears to be recommending nonstandard behavior, though it is probably mostly harmless.


Francesco Gennai wrote:
Question about composing a MIME part where I would suggest
also the file name.

In the case that I would suggest a file name to the remote
MIME client could I use only the name parameter of the content-type
or MUST I add the content-disposition header with the filename parameter?

My doubt come also from the following sentence in RFC3851
(Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Version 3.1
                         Message Specification):

.. ..... .
3.2.1.  The name and filename Parameters

   For the application/pkcs7-mime, sending agents SHOULD emit the
   optional "name" parameter to the Content-Type field for compatibility
   with older systems.  Sending agents SHOULD also emit the optional
   Content-Disposition field [CONTDISP] with the "filename" parameter.
   If a sending agent emits the above parameters, the value of the
   parameters SHOULD be a file name with the appropriate extension:
.... ..... ...
where a system using only the name parameter is considered an "old system".
So, I don't understand if "old system" is related to some old S/MIME
system, or to a generic old MIME system....


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