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An interesting proposal for SMTP

2008-06-30 00:11:54
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You do have a choice if you're not concerned about the deliverability of
your e-mail.  Remember, the Internet remains a group of service
providers/organizations/subscribers that voluntarily work together and can
choose what goes in or out.  And so if they decide not to receive traffic
from you, for any reason at all, there's no legal requirement.  If they
require that all e-mail servers that want to send e-mail to them have rDNS
entries then persons who want to deliver e-mail to that entity need to


        So can I change my SMTP greeting to be : SMTP
220-Company agrees to the following rate chart to accept mail :
220-EHLO - $5.00 
220-HELO - $2.50
220-MAIL FROM:<*> - Free
220-RCPT TO:<*> - 1-5/$4.00 , 6-10/$6.00, 11-15/$8.00, 15+/$10.00
220-DATA: $.01 per character until final ".<CR>"
220-Delivery confirmation (Return-Receipt-To, X-Confirm-Reading-To, 
Disposition-Notification-To) - $1.50
220 Sending HELO/EHLO constitutes acceptance of this agreement

                        Thanks, Tuc/TBOH

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