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Re: draft-klensin-rfc2821bis-10: ABNF discuss

2008-06-30 05:24:31

Magnus Westerlund wrote:

General-address-literal  = <Standardized-tag> ":" 1*dcontent
       ; Standardized-tag MUST be specified in a
       ; standards-track RFC and registered with IANA

However, my personal objection against this resolution of the
error is that it leaves use with a undefined rule that is 
intended for future extensions.

JFTR, <dcontent> is also undefined (in 2822upd).

Thus I wonder why one can't specify it like:
Standardized-tag = ehlo-keyword

You could also say <subdomain>, same idea never ending with 
a hyphen.  And because the concept has nothing to do with a
<subdomain> or <ehlo-keyword> you could expand it:

| Standardized-tag = Let-dig [Ldh-str]

Is there a any problem with defining a rule for what characters
is allowed in future tag for identifying literal address 

It's hard to talk about potential problems with hypothetical
IPvFuture versions, but picking "IPv6" would be unwise... :-)  


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