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Re: Straw consensus call on auth-header draft

2008-10-13 06:23:12

I read the auth-* drafts.

Lisa Dusseault writes:
I'd like to do a more explicit consensus call now to nail this down. I've tried to identify the major points of attraction rather than every variant, to see where people are leaning. Please reply with one of these options, a variant, and explanation if you like:

A)  auth-header to not require any feature advertising or auto-configuration
B) auth-header to normatively RECOMMEND some kind of feature advertising
C) auth-header to normatively REQUIRE some kind of feature advertising

I don't like auth-header, but if any, then A.

Comments and stuff.

1. Auth-header tells MTAs to add two (or more?) trace fields. The document doesn't specify order, so if it's not clear what was added by y below:

  Received: by x ...
  Authentication-Results: (1) ... (dkim stuff)
  Received: by y ...
  Authentication-Results: (2) ... (dkim stuff)
  Authentication-Results: (3) ... (iprev stuff)
  Received: by z ...

Y might have added 1, 2 or 2+3, right? Difficult to handle. Particularly if the analysis code wants to detect or handle reordered headers.

This could be fixed by adding a new level of hierarchy between header and field. Call it trace-field-group. But we have that for Resent-* and IMO that's one of the reasons Resent-* has faded from view.

Another solution would be to write this information inside the Received field.

2. I've noticed that some DKIM implementations like to sign every field they see, which might include auth-headers. The auth-header draft says to remove old auth-headers, breaking such signatures. That conflict needs advice, or at least a security consideration.

3. The reason I don't like advertising is that many people use so very complex delivery chains. Transmitting capability advertising from start to end is hard. Better to design the stuff so that's not needed.

4. Why isn't there a sieve extension to let people filter mail on this?


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