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Re: RFC 5321 4.4 Received BNF

2008-10-22 13:53:28


Below syntax seems to be obsolete for me:

RFC 5321 4.4
    From-domain     = "FROM" FWS Extended-Domain
    By-domain       = CFWS "BY" FWS Extended-Domain
    Extended-Domain = Domain / ( Domain FWS "(" TCP-info ")" ) / (
address-literal FWS "(" TCP-info ")" )
    TCP-info        = address-literal / ( Domain FWS address-literal )

How TCP-info parsed ?
The problem is if no TCP-info prsesnet and CFWS between By-domain
contains comment.

For example:
Received: from (  by ... - contains
Received: from (this is comment text)  by ... - contains
comment and not optional TCP-info

Do i miss something or in real-life you can't be sure if TCP-info or
comment was supplied ?

You can't be sure. The syntax is overloaded.

(Just guessing if commect = address-literal or comment argument2 =
address-literal is just not best option)

I'm afraid it's pretty much the only option.


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