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2008-10-24 00:26:37

Nate Leon wrote:

That is what I did in the end.
At first, my SMTP server was sending the client an error, and then closing the connection, but it was breaking some clients.
> IIRC, it was  a Microsoft Exchange server complaining that
> it received two responses to one command, and of coure, that was true.

The normal practice is for servers to "never" to drop connections. If there is a negative response code to be provided, allow the client to decide what to do next. In most automated cases, the client has no choice but to end the session. It is better to allow the client to take control so that it can manage its retries, if necessary.

One good reason for the server to drop connection is when an "errant" client is not behaving properly, like trying to repeat something that will not change the state.


Hector Santos, CTO

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