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Re: SMTP AUTH digest-md5

2008-11-04 09:55:05

Yep thats hard to notice.

But i coded http universal digest authentication, so using in SASL that module ... suddenly calculated response won't match. Toke a bit time to get what ffff is going on, so seeing this all came together.

Most of times it won't be problematic.

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

Ivar Lumi wrote:

The value is "AUTHENTICATE".

This looks right.

But i tought that auth diges-md5 and sasl digest-md5 100% compatible.
Now if they are then RFC bug, if not then all ok.
Syntax diff on same stuff:
   RFC 2831. digest-uri = "digest-uri" "=" <"> digest-uri-value <">
   RFC 2617  digest-uri           = "uri" "=" digest-uri-value

I never noticed this before. It looks like this was an unintentionally introduced difference.

In one case "digest-uri", another "uri"

Any comments welcome.

Ivar Lumi wrote:


What value must be "request-method" in "A2" calculation ?

IMAP has "AUTHENTICATE", does SMTP have "AUTH" ?

I can't get outlook 2007 digest response to match my calculated value, so there must be some thing i miss.


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