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Re: Abort data transfer?

2009-10-22 14:30:28

David MacQuigg wrote:
I just did an experiment with Sendmail using telnet as the client. If I send one line of data, then pause, Sendmail waits 10 minutes then disconnects with no message to telnet. There is no timeout in telnet, so it just sits there until I force a disconnect on that end.
I'd expect most MTAs to do that. If they get data, then nothing, they will eventually timeout - the time may vary, but they'll all timeout. The client is then expected to retry.

That has nothing to do with a 'never ending' connection of zillions of MB of data - which was where we started. If you drop a connection because you don't like it for whatever reason, you are just asking for a retry, which achieves nothing if you are trying to stop the connection.

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