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Re: Historical moment: Marking a generational transition

2010-06-10 22:58:27
On 10 Jun 2010, at 08:47, Dave CROCKER wrote:
One way of distinguishing between generations is to discover something that 
was common to the older generation is vague or even unknown to the newer 

Last night an active, knowledgeable working in the Internet protocol 
applications space said that he knew about RFC 2822 but not RFC 822...

But that can't be right - I'm only seven-and-twenty, and even *I* know about 
RFC 822 ...

Oh, go on.  It's good news indeed.  I only learned of RFC 822 from word of 
mouth, from a mail server's documentation and of course by reference to the 
popular format, whenever somebody wanted to pick nits.


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