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Re: FWIW Connection Sharing Stats

2011-08-27 12:15:51

Keith Moore followed up:

On Aug 27, 2011, at 9:53 AM, Keith Moore wrote:
Maybe the spammers are trying to deal with greylisting?

For that matter, I wonder if legitimate senders are trying to deal with greylisting also. Maybe there are poor implementations of greylisting that block legitimate traffic too often. Maybe there are some large-volume senders that don't want to deal with having greylisted mail in their queues any longer than necessary. If retrying after a few seconds works on some greylists, it's not surprising that some senders would start
doing it.

Agree, which makes it part of the dilemma because all (anonymous, unauthenticated, unauthorized, non-prearranged) clients are now lumped with "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly." Just saw the classic movie again the other day. :-)


Hector Santos