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RE: Proprietary or non-standard SMTP AUTH mechanisms

2012-01-12 14:53:16

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Subject: Re: Proprietary or non-standard SMTP AUTH mechanisms

We have a few proprietary SMTP AUTH mechanism. The design goal was to
lower the development overhead for coding the standard mechanisms, or
the need for encryption and SSL libraries for our proprietary mail/user
clients. For an example, the GUI Frontend Navigator client:

provided by our operators to their users, uses an internal SMTP AUTH
mechanism to send mail to its online backend connected local server
only.   In the past, only IP was used, but with dynamic IPs or mail
bot clients moved around, SMTP AUTH helps here.

Do they deviate from the SMTP AUTH framework in any way, other than maybe the 
method name?

That's really what I'm after.  If you do your own thing with its own name but 
still stick to the general base64 and "334" and such, then it's still compliant 
as far as the context about which I'm asking.