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[ietf-smtp] a protocol to negotiate protocol?

2012-06-21 13:02:04
If this is not the right mailing list to ask my question, I apologize that. But I failed to find out any mailing list which is better than this.

Configuring MUA, like Thunderbird, iMail or Outlook, is quite annoying for me because I have to know many configuration values; protocol, hostname, port, username, password, authentication method or more.

If there is a protocol to negotiate the protocol to transport mails between mail client and server, based on preferences or capabilities of the both side, MUA could configure itself automatically without asking to user questions except mail address and password.

For example, mail client asks to server(the domain part of the given mail address) which protocol it can use, and mail server replies that SMTP and IMAP is acceptable, and then mail client configures itself as server replies. Other configuration fields also could be filled in this way.

Does anyone know a protocol such like that?
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