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Re: [ietf-smtp] Telechat update notice: <draft-klensin-smtp-521code-05.txt>

2015-03-12 08:01:32
Hi John,

Reading the abstract of this document only, it was clear to me about the intent of the codes and good to add to our SMTP package. But is there a translation of what it means on the SENDER SIDE? Is it permanent filter/block at the domain level?

In our mail package, and it has been relaxed slightly over the years, once all outbound mail attempts were tried for a single transaction, that domain/email is put into a "BadDomain" or "BadEmail" block list to preempt future outbound attempts. Sysops are given an site URL where they can check/manage/request the removal of this block. I had long considered adding outbound logic to try sending at least one time, and if successful, auto remove the block. But it really never became a big thing for operators to have this advanced logic. Most of the time, the blocks were permanently legit and/or they turn off the the auto-blocking logic and just add it manually or feed the list file name to some other filtering tool.

Having and using these reply codes would mean that the blocks are permanently legit, correct?



On 3/11/2015 12:26 PM, IETF Secretariat wrote:
Placed on agenda for telechat - 2015-04-09
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