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Re: [ietf-smtp] DKIM testing

2015-09-29 10:15:06
You can run email test again our auto-responder if that can help.

DKIM auto responder: dkim-autorespond(_at_)isdg(_dot_)net

High usage from the logs I see. You get fast turnaround reports. It has some key break downs for signatures failures. It including POLICY related reports like ADSP and DMARC. The latter is not "DMARC-complete" since it was more of a ADSP logic change/update plug and play copy/add-on from the ADSP part, i.e. the SPF part is not reported which DMARC needs in such DMARC-updated reports.

Change Suggestions would be considered.


On 9/29/2015 9:50 AM, Paul Smith wrote:
Hi everyone, I'm finally getting around to adding DKIM signing support
to our software and am having trouble getting it to work correctly.
(We've had DomainKey signing support for a while, which works fine, so
I think we've got the actual signing stuff OK, it's probably just the
canonicalisation etc that's wrong).

Is there a tool anywhere which will test DKIM signatures in a very
verbose way (rather than just 'pass/fail') - eg saying what data they
are verifying against the signature, and giving header/body pass/fails

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