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Re: [ietf-smtp] New Mailing List to discuss email canonicalization?

2016-05-01 02:04:31
On 2016-04-15 21:16:42 +0100, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
Steve Atkins writes:
"except on the final delivery server" is an important part of what John

While the message is in the realm of SMTP, it mustn't be modified, meaning
that two local parts are equivalent only if they're identical (I guess).

The address isn't on the final delivery server when Fred Flintstone types
"fred.flintstone@..." or perhaps "Fred.Flinstone@..." into a web UI and
expects to see his complete order history.

I wouldn't show Fred's complete order history to anyone able to type
"fred.flintstone@..." (with or without correct capitalization). He has
to login first, and after that I can show him his history without asking
for an email address.

(At the login prompt, the email address really isn't an email address:
It's a login name, and I can chooses the rules for login names myself:
For example I can make them case insensitive)


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