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[ietf-smtp] GreyList Retry Time Hints

2017-06-20 22:07:02
My SMTP implementation has supported this draft specification for Greylisting:

The major improvement is leveraging the Retry Time hints provided by GreyListing Servers to reduce delivery delays. For examples:

  450 4.7.1. Greylist enabled. retry=00:02:00
  451 Temporary rejection. retry=00:00:30
  450 4.7.1. Temporary Greylist rejection. retry=01-00:10:00
  451 TempFail Retry=00:00:55
421 Your connection is greylisted. Please try again later (retry=00:01:00)

Are there any other SMTP senders that have logic to extract this or any other retry time hints issued by Greylisting Servers for SMTP clients to requeue and reschedule an outbound mail retry time?


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