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Re: [ietf-smtp] [Uta] SMTP Over TLS on Port 26 - Implicit TLS Proposal

2019-01-05 11:11:49
On 05/01/2019 15:50, Viruthagiri Thirumavalavan wrote:
I have a proposal for SMTPS (Implicit TLS), port 25 secure alternative on a
new dedicated port 26.

Both MTA-STS and MTA-DANE tries to fix the STARTTLS downgrade issue.
However the implementation is not simple. The former requires a HTTPS
server and the latter requires DNSSEC.

I'm proposing a very simple solution. It's actually dead simple.

You seem to be part-duplicating the intent of a DNS SRV record.

Wouldn't the definition of a service name "smtps" with no hardcoded
port number (per RFC 6335), and the use of SRV per RFC 2782, do the
job and be preferred to an ad-hoc method?

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