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Re: [ietf-smtp] Think little more simple first

2019-04-26 10:02:03
On Fri, 26 Apr 2019 11:14:32 -0000, pradeep xplorer said:
I am a customer of email and www services who lost ten years of succulent
life in california because of cybercrime using the websites I publish as a

Which has absolutely nothing to do with the total lack of technical merits of
your proposal, and is a reply to a mail that I sent off-list because the rest
of the list wasn't interested.

The other day, you complained about the fact I said you were in India.

Consider this website:

Which tells me:

pradeepan88(_at_)hotmail(_dot_)com is associated to this person
Name    Pradeep Xplorer is associated with 2 domains
Organization    Explore And Play        is associated with 2 domains
City    palakkad        
Country   India 
Phone   +91.9538236454
Private no

Still think your registry is a good idea?

Let us know how long it takes you to get to get their data
correct if they're wrong. Alternatively, realize that if you want your idea to
work, it allows sites to filter based on where the mail is coming from - and
that means that you'll have to make it known to the world that you're in India.

In other words, you're complaining about the logical outcome of your own 

In the meantime, <plonk!!> - the sound of a user being added to the ignore 

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