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2019-04-27 00:47:46

From: pradeep(_at_)dhyanayoga(_dot_)info <pradeep(_at_)dhyanayoga(_dot_)info>
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Subject: Fwd: Attention palakkad indian coffee house


as I said, remove from your emails any particular domains and
countries and talk on a more abstract (universal) level. Your very
personal story is unlikely to be tackled here, as at the end there
shall be a document (RFC) which describes a problem and a solution.

--yes i would do to the draft.. but i am a person individual, i was an
individual contributor to sun microsystems, i am not existing for
indian or usa or russian govts or political parties or any groups, i
am existing to lead my life,
my external activities business profession all to fulfil my personal life
and thats being harmed for last 15 years because of lack of proper standards.

I am sorry you have lost money in internet, but it is certainly
possible that the problem and the countermeasures can be described
without using the word money.

--These are my requirements as an internet and email user and the lack of
standards have resulted in me not being able to meet my basic needs
last fifteen years. I am an adult 49 above average capable forced to
depend on a mother and we both are harmed impoverished and close to

- I need to know the email identities of website viewers
- I need to be able to request them subscription
- For that a whois service is needed and that could bill the user at
some level.
Right now if someone writes to me to pradeepan88(_at_)hotmail(_dot_)com theres 
i would see it.Theres no guarantee i can prove the person who claim to
have written is the person who wrote it also.
I am hosting with and having no income. I cannot afford
(i walk not
driving ford) even 30 dollars a month to configure mailing lists that
is able to use. I suspect and is getting my money as their
customer and is not acceptible practice given my situation.I am a
natural californian prevented from living there using a mother who is
a natural indian.
Or she is not able to express that she is willing to relocate with me
and allow
me to lead my life. I susbcribe to and they are not approving
it proof that a criminal organisation is operating my personal wealth
and claiming i can afford 30 dollars a month.
If theres ethical business practices WWW servers would not operate
without me giving me a solution, thats monetary instruments in my name
in my hand.
I cannot stand on the freeway get a free ride to airport and eat
freely in restaurents and fly to california drive to a home i like and
start my life.
I wish i could do it with my mother and lead my life. I am 49, and
have not lived even a basic life 15 years ever since i started
publishing my own
website. Before i was employed by now i am self employed owning Give me ATMs issued
to me i would lead my life and find time to be a contributing engineer.

At your place I would read some RFCs first about emails and then
propose something, that amends them, is backward compatible, uses
their terminology (e.g. a new SMTP service extension or reply code).

If your proposal does not go this way it is very unlikely that it will
make any progress.

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Why are you not approving my emailing list. I need it to solve the cybercrime
EMail address is one layer more transparent that facebook or twitter ids for
internet identity.I am saying i should have had millions of
subscribers in 2011 when i published my website. Its misrepresentation
thats continuing.Otherwise i am deliberately ostracised to steal or to
continue stealing money from past accounts as ex sun employee who
pioneered brower usage. BY isolating me from natural habitat where i
became sexually active and enjoyed sexual coitus for first in my life
you have prevented me fathering my child. I am used to bayarea
lifestyle. I enjoyed Thailand. I should be between California and
Thailand. My website and my past citigold and wellsfargo account and
sun microsystems employment and employment in 1990s is evidence of my
key role in WWW browser
usage explosion.Whats continuing is not acceptible openly racial and
using force to steal my money.
Pradeep Kumar Xplorer

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