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[ietf-smtp] Delayed posting of draft-klensin-rfc5321bis-03

2020-03-09 12:35:59

draft-klensin-rfc5321bis-03 is not going up today as
planned.  My current target is April 1, which seems
appropriate.  Explanation below for anyone interested;
otherwise there is no more useful information in this note.


When Hector asked that I go ahead and post my current
working version of the I-D, I assumed that I'd just find five
minutes to compile it, push it through the posting tool,
confirm it, and get the thing up.

Instead, we've uncovered two problems:

(1) Something in my mail system is causing some plain text
attachments to be stripped of line endings (both the LR and
CRLF persuasions).  The finger at the moment points to Mulberry
(yes, I'm still running Mulberry and, while it is showing its
age, still agree with Chris Newman's comment about IMAP clients
from many years ago).

(2) Something in the submission process is looking at the file
(even with proper line endings and whether I run the process or
the Secretariat does), concluding that the file is not
text/plain but text/x-Algol68, and then refusing to post.  Who
knew we'd be hearing from Algol68 a half-century since a few of
us did some programming in it?

I have encouraged Henrik and AMS to not spend more time on this
today unless others have problems.  Given the rate at which we
are moving with getting a WG together (that is _not_ an attack
or slur on anyone, just an observation), I don't see any
advantage to putting anything else even slightly at risk by
rushing a patch or workaround through the system.

If anyone urgently wants to see the working version in the
meantime, contact me offlist and we will try to figure out how
to get it to you.


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