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Re: [ietf-smtp] SMTP, DSNs, and enhanced replies (was: Re: SMTP server reply extensions)

2020-04-09 21:31:17
In article 
 you write:
Not positive ones, but negative ones?  I haven't done a survey of whether
bounces are typically formatted as DSNs or not, but I thought
they were more common now.

My impression is that these days if you get a bounce it's usually a DSN.

My impression - and (admiteeded limited) data - say so too. That said, I'd
amend that to be "something close to a DSN".
Multipart/report;report-type=delivery-status  yes, but beyond that there can be
a fair bit of noncompliance.

The good news is that there's usually just enough there that an automatic
processor can sort it out.


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