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Re: [ietf-smtp] smtp improvement?

2020-09-15 09:57:17
I do agree with both Mr. Long, Mr. Crocker, and Mr. Klensin here.

However the point of my email was not to create a formal proposal or anything, 
but rather to inspire discussion about how things are done. Every once in a 
while it is important to ruminate on how things are done and how that came to 
be. When this happens, we reaffirm the strength and the rigor of the standards 
you have made, and sometimes (but usually not in things like standards 
development) during this process we may find other unrelated problems.

I had also posted some of the things without knowing a lot of the stuff Mr. 
Long had said. If I had known that before hand obviously I wouldn't have posted 
it. So it is good that we have a "safe space" for discussion.

It is very good to see the public square in action and people discussing their 
ideas rationally.

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