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Re: [ietf-smtp] How is EAI mail implemented ?

2021-06-15 17:44:00
John R Levine writes:

Nobody I've seen tags messages as EAI in their internal queues.

sendmail does:

Huh.  Why does it set the UTF8 flag on MAIL FROM when sending ASCII messages?

A few months ago someone contacted me regarding "UASG030 EAI Testing Results for Courier". After swapping a few messages, the upshot was that, apparently, the testing apparatus that was employed in that endeavor expected SMTPUTF8 senders specify the UTF8 flag on anything that's sent to a receiver that advertises SMTPUTF8, even if it's pure ASCII.

I'm the kind that doesn't keep his INBOX forever. After everything was said and done that conversation didn't seem like something that needed to be archived, so I don't have the complete exchange any more, but that was the capsule summary of it. I couldn't quite see much sense in this myself, honestly, but neither did I see much of a reason to die on that specific hill, so I just made a few tweaks and moved on.

So, if the majority opinion here is that UTF8 does not need to be set on ASCII-only mail, then maybe somewhere would want to discuss this with that other group of people, over there.

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