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Re: [xml-mime] I-D Action: draft-ietf-appsawg-xml-mediatypes-04.txt

2013-11-04 06:57:07
This is the IETF official version of the 22 October draft (it missed
the official cutoff for publishing new drafts before Vancouver), which
contains only one (moderately large) change from -03, agreed in
discussion with my fellow editor Chris Lilley.

Please see in particular therefore

for substantial clarifications to the rework of Section 3.6 _Charset
considerations_ given in version -03.

Any existing reviewing work on any _other_ section based on version
-03 is still relevant, as no other section has changed in any
significant way.

Note also accordingly that the diffs in the above -04_diff.html are
still against version -02.

A thorough exposition of all comments received on version -02,
and their resolution, is available at

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