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RE: IPR Re: IETF 54 calendar (fwd)

2002-05-29 13:15:30
Yo Tony!

On Wed, 29 May 2002, Tony Hain wrote:

If what you are asking for is that for every proposal / i-d that shows
up in the IETF, the IPR holder is automatically required to provide an
RF license, you really don't understand the reason people bother with
patents to begin with.

Well then the does not either.  Here is an excerpt from their
patent policy:

"1. Licensing Goals for W3C Recommendations

In order to promote the widest adoption of Web standards, W3C seeks
to issue Recommendations that can be implemented on a Royalty-Free
(RF) basis. Under this policy, W3C will not approve a Recommendation
if it is aware that Essential Claims exist which are not available on
Royalty-Free terms."

Full text at:

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