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RE: namedroppers, continued

2002-12-06 16:49:08
From: Marc Schneiders <ietf(_at_)schneiders(_dot_)org>

It might be easier to write a new protocol to succeed email, instant
messaging, mobile phones (something useful in itself) with built-in
abuse control from the start.

That's another stupid crackpot "spam solution" that just won't go away.

You cannot have "abuse control" built into a protocol that allows
strangers to send each other mail.  Any mail protocol that lets you
receive mail from a stranger must also let the stranger send the same
message to you and to 30,000,000 of your closest friends.  On the
other hand, if you want to only accept mail from people who are not
strangers, you can use any of the many official and ad hoc SMTP
extensions to ensure you only receive mail from them.

If your computer system, mail protocol, or whatever knows that a
stranger is not a spammer, then the stranger is not really a stranger.

Vernon Schryver    vjs(_at_)rhyolite(_dot_)com

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