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Re: IPv6 @ IETF-71, especially Jabber

2008-03-03 03:15:25
On 29 feb 2008, at 15:34, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

What's going on with the preparations to turn off IPv4 at IETF-71?
It's been really quiet surrounding that topic since the initial

It's good to hear that work is going on behind the scenes.

So... does anyone know a place to obtain a Jabber account that's
usable over IPv6? I assumed would be a good candidate, but
even though has a AAAA record, doesn't.

I've had a couple of offers in private email (thanks for those!) but  
I've decided to go into another direction with this, and set up a  
transport relay translator (RFC3142) on a FreeBSD server. This is a  
combination special network interface and a daemon that listens on an  
IPv6 TCP port and forwards the session to the IPv4 destination encoded  
in the low bits of the IPv6 address. See the faithd man page

For the next two weeks, the translator will be open for everyone on  
prefix 2001:1af8:5:f::/96 on ports 5222 and 5223. So if, like me, you  
use Google Talk for Jabber you can connect to 2001:1af8:5:f:: (or 2001:1af8:5:f::d155:897d) rather than (Replace the IPv4 bits with that of your Jabber server  
if you use another Jabber server.) This has of course the slight  
downside that you can only use Jabber when you have IPv6 connectivity.  
I fixed this by setting up a hostname that has both the translated  
address and the normal address:

A side effect is that the SSL certificate now doesn't match the  
hostname, so you'll get an SSL warning (or failure). As long as you  
manually check the certificate you SHOULD still be secure, but your  
milage may vary.

Connecting to Google Talk in this manner allowed me to use Jabber as  
usual (as you can see if you go to v6ops @, when  
running dual stack, IPv6 only or IPv4 only. I used iChat with the  
caveat in described an earlier message and Adium without any problems  
on the Mac.

Note that all the above becomes moot if there is a NAT-PT translator  
and a DNS ALG when IPv4 is turned off.

I've also tried some clients on Windows XP, but no success with  
those... Too bad, because having working Jabber should be very helpful  
in debugging all the other protocols that may have issues when running  
IPv6-only. In this case NAT-PT will NOT help because of XP's inability  
to resolve DNS names over IPv6.

I'm on Jabber as iljitsch @ if anyone needs assistence with  
any of this.
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