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RE: Impending publication: draft-iab-dns-choices-05

2008-03-04 08:35:22
The IAB tracker indicated this document was dead, now we are told that 
publication is imminent. Why?

Do we get to ask the author to address the other proposals that have been made 
to address this issue (XPTR) or does it just get published regardless of 
whether the claims made are true or not?

I also found the tone of the original paper insulting. I don't think that 'send 
text' is an acceptable response to such objections. If the author cannot 
respond to real operational objections that have been raised without 
condescension then someone else should write the paper or the paper should not 
be published at all.

I am happy to restate my objections, but not if they are going to be ignored 
yet again.

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On 4 mar 2008, at 15.13, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

But I regret that the choices of the TXT users are
misrepresented as pure stupidity.

As often said in the IETF: "Send text".

I.e. suggest text that you think one can get consensus on.


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