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Social Event - Transportation / Final Logistics Update

2008-03-11 13:28:18
IETF 71 - Social Event Advisory
The social begins at 7:00pm and runs until 10:30pm.
This is a reminder regarding transportation from the Marriott to the
Philadelphia Art Museum.  We are providing buses (that look like
trolleys, for what that's worth).  These buses will run in a continuous
loop between the hotel and the museum, with the first one leaving at
6:45pm.  Thus, it will be easy for you to leave the hotel for the museum
and leave the museum to return at just about any time.  There is at
least one handicap-accessible bus.
FROM THE HOTEL: To board the buses from the hotel, please use the
Filbert Street entrance of the hotel, where the hotel check in and
curved driveway is located.  There will be Comcast personnel on-site to
assist in boarding buses and getting buses underway between
approximately 6:45pm and 8:15pm.  There will be Comcast personnel
on-site to receive the buses at the museum and to assist you on your
return throughout the evening.
stub will be torn off when you enter the museum, and the remaining part
of the ticket will be turned in upon your departure, in exchange for a
gift on your way out.
There will be a coat check and a bag check at the museum.  There is also
a WiFi network at the museum.
Should you make your way to the museum on your own, entry is from the
west entrance, which is in the back of the museum.  Please note that
this is a 30 minute walk from the hotel.  You can of course get taxi
service to the museum easily, and if you drive, there is ample parking
behind and around the perimeter of the museum.
Jason Livingood
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