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Re: Fwd: [71attendees] IPv6 Jabber Identity server anyone?

2008-03-12 08:30:00

Tired of the dancing ?

Watch the dancing ! (Only reachable over IPv6.)

        What's really frustating here is that there isn't
        a test name which has *both* IPv4 and IPv6 addreses.  You can't
        really add a referral to from a dual
        stack web site as you will break any IPv4 only clients. (dual stack) for example uses google for its search bar.
        To make the search bar work you then need to return IP transport
        sensitive referrals.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Bernhard Schmidt <berni(_at_)birkenwald(_dot_)de>
Date: 12 maart 2008 9:13:58 EDT
To: Ronald(_dot_)vanderPol(_at_)rvdp(_dot_)org
Cc: Iljitsch van Beijnum <iljitsch(_at_)muada(_dot_)com>
Subject: Re: [71attendees] IPv6 Jabber Identity server anyone?


But they are setting up their first(?) IPv6 peerings at the AMS-IX  
in the
Look for 2001:4860::/32 in your router table.
Any ietf google folks want to comment? A dual stack*  
be nice.


Could you post that to 71attendees? I'm not subscribed there and I'd  
rather not do that (not attending IETF at all).


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